Zomei LED Ring Light 14inch with 2 Dimmers & Tripod

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Dimmable LED ring light 14”, with color temperature setting (between cold and warm), suitable for makeup, photoshoot and video

Makeup LED Ring Light 14” with Tripod On/Off & Color Dimmer

The latest trend that will facilitate beauty professionals and photographers. This ring shaped light is here to stay!
LED Ring Light is easy to use, lightweight and combines all the necessary settings for perfect and even lighting without shadows, while it is portable and comes with bag to carry around all day long!

This powerful LED light is suitable for manicure, makeup, aesthetics, tattoo artists and all beauty professionals that need precision or aim to create the perfect portfolio or even show off their work on social media.
The Ring Light is also a smart choice for professional photographers, for fashion or product photography, portraits and macro. 

Set the color, adjust the angle, place where needed, create amazing makeup art while taking pictures or video!
This device has multiple uses and functions.
You can adjust the tripod height and the angles of the ring, while the ball head allows full rotary movement of the holder.
Moreover, you can set the color between cold and warm (White: 5500K / White&Warm: 4500K / Warm: 2700K).

Power 41watt
Size 14 inches (35 cm)
On/Off dimmer
Color temperature dimmer
LED SMD 336pcs
Color Temperature 2700-5500 K
Voltage AC 110-240v
Luminus flux: 5000 LM
Color rendering index > 90 RA

The Kit Contains:
Brightness & Chromaticity LED light
Ball head
Phone holder
Power cord
Carry bag
Tripod adjustable up to 2,31 m (91'')

1 year guarantee

Notice: Avoid continuous work over six hours. Do not stare at the strong light for a long time.

Factory Warranty