Tissue Face Masks And Moisturizers Iroha NatureIroha Nature’s beauty products are designed to bring you the best results!

1) Natural Ingredients: Innovative formulas based on the effectiveness of natural ingredients.

2) Professional: Leading formulas, with effective technology and professional results.

3) Practical & Trendy: Intense treatment masks in practical packaging, designed with the latest trends for urban women that need fast skin care anytime of the day. 

4) Paraben Free: Skin friendly and paraben free beauty products. Many of them are vegan too.

5) Cruelty Free & Solidarity Causes: Environmental friendly composition and Not tested on animals. Solidarity initiatives and causes.

Iroha Nature

Vegan Μαύρες Ταινίες Καθαρισμού Της Μύτης Με Ενεργό Άνθρακα Iroha Nature - Black Charcoal Deep Pore Cleansing Nose Strips Iroha Nature
8,70 €
Jade Roller Kallia Για Μασάζ Προσώπου
19,00 €
Opal Roller Kallia Για Μασάζ Προσώπου
19,00 €
Rose Quartz Roller Για Μασάζ Προσώπου
19,00 €
Επιθέματα Για Σπυράκια Iroha Nature - SOS Pimple Patches Iroha Nature 18pcs
8,90 €
Patches Αντιγήρανσης Iroha - Antiaging Patches Iroha
10,50 €
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