Hair clippers designed for men!! 

Start trimming, clipping, scultping with precision and detail, groom your beard and hair and all the small sensitive areas.

Choose the one for you based on your needs and personal style! 



Hair Clippers

Μπέρτα Κουρέματος Νάυλον Μαύρη 128x150 cm - Barber Cape Nylon Black 128x150 cm
8,70 €
Μπέρτα Κουρέματος Πολυέστερ Μαύρη 120x140 cm - Barber Cape Polyester Black 120x140 cm
6,40 €
Μπέρτα Κουρέματος Non Woven Μακριά Μαύρη - Barber Cape Non Woven Long Black
2,29 €
Remington Hair Clipper Apprentice
25,00 €
18,00 €
Babyliss 22 Piece Precision Clipper Kit 7432U
18,00 €
Χαρτί Λαιμού - Neck Paper
8,00 €