Our collection of professional, top brand, hair dryers offer you a unique styling experience! 

Easy control, comfortable drying and styling precision guarantee you smooth and shiny results faster and easier.

Trust professionals and style your hair with confidence! 




Hair Dryers

Πιστολάκι Μαλλιών Ταξιδίου WR 3.0 Lim Hair Fluor - Travel Size Hair Dryer Lim Hair WR 3.0 Lim Hair Fluor
28,00 €
Μπέρτα Κουρέματος Non Woven Μακριά Μαύρη - Barber Cape Non Woven Long Black
2,29 €
Φυσούνα Διπλή Universal Μαύρη - Universal Diffuser Double Tecnoelettra Black
14,00 €
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