Treat you heels with the needed tools such as feet rasps and pumice stones.

You can either choose among metallic, wooden and plastic rasp or a pumice stone!

Take care of you feet, remove dead skin and soften calluses and cracked areas.

Feel your feet lighter and rejuvenated! 



Rasps-Pumice Stones

Πλαστική Καμπυλωτή Ράσπα Ποδιών 80/150 - Plastic Curved Foot Rasp
6,80 €
1,48 €
Γαλάζια ράσπα ποδιών
2,41 €
Μπλε ράσπα ποδιών
3,00 €
Ροζ ράσπα ποδιών
5,00 €
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