Electric Manicure Bowl

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Εlectric manicure bowl with nail bubble massage

Sleek and elegant electric manicure bowl for professionals or not!
The bubbles will make your hands relax before the manicure treatment, while, at the same time, will soften nail cuticles and condition nails. 
The ideal product for a complete manicure that will make you relax and feel your hands lighter and refreshed!!

Put warm water up to the discretionary line, if you wish you can add a hand softener liquid, plug the device and switch On.
Place your hand on the unit, while your fingers are immersed in the water. 
Enjoy the bubble spa!

CAUTION: Do not add creams or thick lotions in the water. Do not turn on the device if a cord is damaged or any other damage has occured.

Water bubble massage with stimulating aeration
Lightweight and easy to use
Large water reservoir
On/Off switch
Ergonomic handle rest
Easy to read fill-line
Non0slip fee
Operates with cord or batteries (2 ΑΑ batteries needed)
Power: 2 watt
Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 10cm