S12 Wireless Professional LED Nail Lamp 48watt White

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S12 Rechargable professional nail curing lamp LED UV, 48 watt with red light, ideal for manicure, pedicure and nail art

S12 LED UV Nail Curing Lamp - 48 watt + Red Light - Rechargable

S12 - Rechargable LED Nail curing lamp, 48 watt with Red Light, ideal for nail technicians, designed to cure UV gel, builder gel and LED gel perfectly!
The innovative Red Light technology activates collagen production offering anti-aging treatment and skin whitening!!
A perfect tool for nail technicians, suitable for manicure, pedicure and nail art! 

Ergonomic design with smart timer and LED bulbs strategically placed so the light can reach all fingers.
The 99 sec Low Heat button enhances the power gradually and no hand overheating will occur.
Lightweight and easy to use, with practical handle.
Protects your skin. Does not harm your eyes.

Power 48 watt (30 LED lamp beads with triple wave length: 365 + 405 + 610 nm)
Smart Timer: 30, 60 90 & 120 seconds
Low Heat Timer 99sec: power gradually enhances to 48 watt
On/Off switch
Battery level indication
Automated operation with sensor
Auto shut off after 10 minutes, operates again by pressing 99sec
Digital Screen
Removable magnetic metallic base tray
Practical size for manicure/pedicure, and handle for easy transportation
50.000 lifetime
Fast UV Gel curing
Removable magnetic metallic base tray
Measurements: 200 x 230 x 95 mm
Output: 13,5v - 2A
1 year guarantee