Tp45 Professional Nail Lamp LED CCFL 24watt Black

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24 watt CCFL+LED, professional nail lamp Tp45

Professional nail lamp LED + CCFL, 24 watt, pearl shaped. Mixed light can cure any UV or LED gels.
Suitable for professional or personal use, for manicure and pedicure.
Small size so you carry easily.

24W (12w 1 lamp CCFL 365nm + 12w 4 light bulbs LED 405nm)
Timer: 30’’, 60'' and 90”
Innovative LED technology for greater power
Reduces nail curing time by half
Lifetime 50.000 hours
Energy saving
Low heat-up of fingers and toes due to LED technology
Ideal size to carry easily
Magnetic removable base-tray (for pedicure)
Global use: 100v~240v

1 year guarantee