Electric nail drills for the best treatment of your nails, heels, fingers and toes!

Suitable for professional use with high rotary speed and watts.

Nail drills will facilitate a nail technician's work.

Become an expert by offering fast, easy and efficient conditioning!



Nail Drills

Επαγγελματικός Τροχός JD4500 - Professional Nail Drill JD4500
75,00 €
65,00 €
Επαγγελματικός Τροχός JD8500B - Professional Nail Drill JD8500B
139,00 €
Επαγγελματικός Τροχός Νυχιών JD102H - Professional Nail Drill JD102H
145,01 €
Επαγγελματικός Τροχός Νυχιών JD7500 - Professional Nail Drill JD7500
145,01 €
Επαγγελματικός Τροχός Νυχιών JSDA 5500C 120watt - Professional Nail Drill JSDA 5500C 120watt
189,00 €
A7 JSDA Απορροφητήρας Σκόνης Νυχιών - A7 JSDA Nail Dust Collector
100,01 €
Stand Μανικιούρ - Manicure Wrist Stand
7,50 €
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