Double Nail Dust Collector SD103 20watt White

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Professional nail dust collector, double turbo, 20watt, 5500rpm, ideal for nail technicians
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Nail Dust Collector SD103 - 5500rpm

Powerful professional nail dust collector with 2 turbo fans, lightweight and easy to operate.
Suitable for nail technicians, nail art, manicure or pedicure.

Replace the filters when needed. Clean regularly.

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2 Turbo-charged fans
Power 20 watt
5500 rpm
4 removable filters
On/Off touch button (long-press 3 sec)
Noise levels: 55 dB
Max air-flow: 54,5 cfm
Auto shut-down after 4 hours
Dimensions: 27 
x 21 x 5 cm
Weight: 1,2 kg
Voltage 110-240 v
Color: White

1 year guarantee

Terms of proper operation

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