JSDA A4 Nail Dust Collector 60watt White

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A4 JSDA professional powerful nail dust collector 5200rpm, ideal for nail technicians

A4 JSDA Nail Dust Collector 5200rpm

Professional powerful nail dust collector, easy to operate, with rotary speed 5200 rpm.
It consists of 2 vacuum suction fans and has the advantages of high suction, low noise and long service life.
It is equipped with a cover which can rotate
360° independently and an extra funnel, offering more concentrated suction, depending on your needs.
Suitable for nail technicians, nail art, manicure or pedicure.

Place the cover if needed. Remove dust regularly.

Power 60 watt, silent motor
5200 rpm
On/Off switch
Removable filter (can be cleaned)
Dimensions: 26,5 
x 28 x 11 cm
Weight: 1,43 kg
Max air flow 7,5 m/s
Max static pressure: 3000±10% Pa
Colour: White
100-240 v

1 year guarantee

Terms of proper operation

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