Quartz Sterilizer SD71

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Quartz sterilizer 250°C, ideal for quick sterilization of metallic tools, necessary for nail technicians
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Quartz Sterilizer SD71 - 250°C

This small sterilization device offers quick results due to the high temperature (250°C) and quartz crystals!
It is easy to carry and use, made of aluminum alloy and hard plastic cell.
Aluminum is a durable lightweight material, non-toxic and resistant to erosion, while diffuses heat evenly.

Switch the device on, place the quartz crystals, covering 80% of the tank and wait 5-10 minutes to heat-up, until the green light turns on.
Immerse the working part of the metallic tools into the quartz crystals and wait for 30 seconds. Use a heat-proof glove to remove them. 
When the device temperature starts dropping the red light turns on. The green light will be on again when the temperature reaches 250°C. 

Maximum Temperature: 250°C
Heat up time: 5-10 minutes
Sterilization time: 30 seconds
On/Off switch with indication light
Power: 75 watt
Voltage 220-240v
Dimensions: 175 x 170 mm
Quartz crystals included

1 year guarantee

Terms of proper operation

Factory Warranty