UV Sterilizer 9watt White

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UV sterilizer suitable for all kind of tools, metallic, plastic, glass and more
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UV Sterilizer

UV sterilizing machine, suitable for metallic and plastic tools.
Easy to use, with practical lid to protect the eyes. A rack is included.
Place the tools into the cabinet, s
witch the power on and when the light becomes purple the disinfection begins.
The light turns off when the lid is open.

The UV disinfection chamber has germidical action and operates in a particular wavelength (253,7nm) which breaks down the DNA of the microorganisms found in tiny droplets in the air that can transmit diseases like measles, tuberculosis and flu.
Once the DNA of the microbe is broken it stops reproduction and becomes harmless.

Ultra Violet Ray
Sterilization time: 30-45  minutes
On/Off switch with indicator light
Power: 9 Watt
Global use (110v-240v)
Dimensions: 36 30 x 16 cm
Weight: 2,5kg

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