UV Sterilizer SD87

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UV sterilizer suitable for plastic, paper or other beauty tools and accessories
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UV Sterilizer SD-87

This UV sterilization device is suitable to use in hair salons, nail salons or beauty spa.
A variety of tools, not resistant to high temperature, can be sterilized, such as hair brushes, nail buffers and other porous materials. 
A rack is included to place tools, while the large translucent lid makes usage easier as you can see the items inside.
Clean the tools and pat dry, then place them into the tray and switch the power on. Larger objects should be flipped on all sides for proper sterilization.

The UV disinfection chamber has germicidal action and operates in a particular wavelength (220-275 nm) which breaks down the DNA of the microorganisms.
Once the DNA is broken reproduction stops and the microorganism becomes harmless.

Ultra Violet Ray Sterilizer 220-275 nm
Sterilization time: 30-45  minutes
On/Off switch with indicator light
Power: 8 Watt
Voltage 220-240 v
Dimensions: 40 32 x 22 cm
Box dimensions: 46 x 34 x 26 cm
Net weight: 3,7 kg
Gross weight: 4,3 kg

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