Do you love long nails but you need to treat them on your own?
Are you a professional who needs the basics for an artificial manicure?
Easy and fast application are the most important factors for you?

The answer is false nail tips! 

Supply with the necessary products and create the manicure you are dreaming of!



False Nail Tips

Tips Νυχιών Gello Μακριά Διάφανα 100τμχ - Nail Tips Gello Long Clear 100pcs
5,46 €
5,46 €
Κόλλα Νυχιών Toyoko Με Πινέλο - Toyoko Nail Glue With Brush
4,20 €
Toyoko Κόλλα Νυχιών Με Στόμιο - Nail Glue
3,79 €
Πλαστικά νύχια-Artificial Nails
0,76 €
Toyoko Κόλλα Νυχιών Με Πινέλο - Nail Glue
5,20 €
Πλαστικά νύχια-Artificial Nails
4,95 €
Πλαστικά νύχια-Airbrush Nails
4,95 €
Κόλλα Νυχιών Toyoko Με Στόμιο - Toyoko Nail Glue With Nozzle
5,39 €