KMN Carbide Cutter Fine Cross Cut 277XF-014

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Tungsten carbide nail cutter with KMN coating, red line with fine crosscut, suitable for removing UV gel polish and smoothing gel

KMN Carbide Nail Drill Bit - Red Ring

Professional carbide bits that fit every professional nail drill!!

Nail drill cutters of red line consist of small teeth with fine crosscut, ideal for UV gel polish removal and gel smoothing.
They are suitable for hard skin and cuticles removal, smoothing thick nails and thick skin, preparing calluses and removal of nail fungus.
They are of very high durability and long lifetime, they don't develop heat and they can be cleaned easily.

KMN coating minimalizes overheating, accelerates material removal, reduces material sticking to the bit, increases lifetime, make the bit more resistant to sterilization process and facilitates nail decorations removal (ex. crystals and glitter).

Code: KMN_277XF_HP_014
Line: Red
Diameter 1/10 MM: 014
Working Length: 3mm
Shape: Oval
Material: Tungsten Carbide
Coating: Chameleon