1.       The company «K. N. ATZOUTZOULAS  & CO. EE » with the distinctive title FOXYSTAR, whose company seat is located at Rom. Melodou 15, N. Iraklio, P.C. 14122, Athens, Greece, T.I.N 099955180 Tax office of N.Iraklio and with Supplier’s Registration Number 005000401000 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., which for purpose of brevity shall be referred hereinafter as “THE COMPANY” provides its users with the ability via its webpage foxy.gr, which includes the company’s e-shop,  to be informed of the products offered by “THE COMPANY” and if they desire, to buy products according to their needs  and preferences

2.       To browse the webpage and purchase the product from the e-shop you are required to register as a user stating certain data and in particular your true name, your phone number, your e-mail address and other information that may be required. For the purposes of the present and for the sake of brevity you shall be referred to as the USER.

The relative registration procedure is suggested by the relevant icons in the webpage and it is may be may from time to time be amended by “THE COMPANY”. Data and information provided by the USER during his registration shall be correct, sincere, accurate and complete. In case any of the data the USER has provided during registration is altered in any way, in the frame of using the present webpage, he shall update the webpage icon entitled “REGISTRATION” with the changes. 

3.       The webpage browsing as well as the above purchases shall be governed  by specific terms and conditions as they incur from the present terms of use of the webpage as well as from the existing legislation and the USER shall upon entrance to the website read and accept unreservedly.  “THE COMPANY” may at times amend certain provisions of the terms within the limits of the law.

4.       “THE COMPANY” reserves the right to change the content of the present webpage without prior notice. “THE COMPANY”  is committed as far as the quality , the completeness and the validity of the information set out  at its webpage and in particular  as far as the data set out  are concerned, as well as services provided by its e- shop.

5.       The above commitment is with no prejudice to any technical or type errors which cannot be foreseen or have occurred involuntarily or due to a default of the webpage caused by force majeure

6.       This website may contain hyperlinks (LINKS), to webpages belonging to third parties. “THE COMPANY” states that is not liable for the content or accuracy of these webpages nor for their availability. Furthermore it notifies the USER, that each of the above webpages is ruled by its own terms of use for which “THE COMPANY” is not liable in any way and it recommends that the USER be informed of their content prior  to browsing the webpages.   

7.       The consumer has the ability to save or print the all the terms of use.

8.        For any question or clarification concerning these terms and conditions of the present agreement, or remarks and complaints regarding our webpage please contact us at the address Rom. Melodou 15  or at the phone number  00302102820067.


All rights, including copyright for this webpage belong to “THE COMPANY” or to third parties contracting with the “THE COMPANY”. It is mentioned that these rights include but are not limited to the website design, the product presentation, the content of the e-shop foxy.gr as set out at the site www. foxy.gr including the logo, the pictures, the graphics, the designs, the texts and the provided services. The above are protected according to the relevant provisions to which the USER must consent if he wishes to continue to browse the webpage or to purchase a product and therefore the USER is prohibited from using the above for commercial and business purposes. Furthermore the USER shall not use the name of “THE COMPANY” and its website foxy.gr in any way that offends or may cause damage to “THE COMPANY”. 


Preserving confidentiality on behalf of “THE COMPANY” in regard to any transaction with the USER is a priority. Any information or data transmitted by the USER to the “THE COMPANY” is confidential and the latter has received all necessary measures so as they are used only to the extent necessary in the frame of the services provided.

All the information –data are encrypted and kept in absolute security. For further security “THE COMPANY” recommends that the USER handles himself all information provided via the service as confidential and classified and not to disclose them to any third parties as well as to exit safely from his account after the completion of any transaction.

The secure access to the “COMPANY”‘s e-shop is achieved via the use by the USER of a username and a Password, which provide access with absolute security to his personal data.The sole to have access to the USER’s data is the USER, via the above codes and the USER is solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy and not disclosing them to third parties. In case of loss or leak of the password the USER shall immediately notify “THE COMPANY” in the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., otherwise the “THE COMPANY”‘s e-shop is not liable for the use of the password by an unauthorized person.

“THE COMPANY” uses high security certificate SSL 256-bit for the operation of the e-shop, for the VISITORS/USERS, during their browsing the present webpage.

In the present webpage appear the below identifications of certification.

       Locket – Internationally recognized symbol, appearing on the browser’s address bar when the location is secure.

       https Setting - The URL  of a secure location begins with https instead of http. Τhe "s" stands for  secure.

       Green bar – The green color on the browser’s address bar suggests the use of Extended Validated certificate.

       Trust seals – They appear on the webpage to suggest that the locations are secure and checked by the providers.

The access to “THE COMPANY”‘s systems (servers) is controlled by firewall.

11.    “THE COMPANY” points out that  the USER is responsible to provide the appropriate hardware to give him the ability to use the webpage and filter anything that may cause damage to USER’s  computer  such as viruses, Worms, Trojan horses), Spyware etc.

“THE COMPANY” is not liable for any losses or damages that may occur to the USER’s computer hardware, as a result of the use of this webpage. 


1.       Maintaining confidentiality is considered, as abovementioned, self-evident.

2.        For browsing the website and purchasing products from the e-shop you are required to register as a user stating certain data for the truth and accuracy of which you are bound and you shall update them in case they change. Upon registration the USER automatically consents to the collection of those data by “THE COMPANY”.

3.       “THE COMPANY” does not disclose data relating to  the USER  and the USER’s transactions, unless he provides his consent or it is required by law. According to the legislation on personal data the USER has the rights provided by the relative legislation and in particular right to information, access and objection as provided in the articles 11-13 L.2472/1997.

4.       The webpage many contain LINKS to webpages belonging to third parties. These webpages use their own policy on personal data for which the “THE COMPANY” is not liable in any way and the USER shall be informed at his own diligence before browsing these pages.

5.       Personal data put by the USER at “THE COMPANY”’s disposal with his registration as a member are solely used for the performance of his transactions

6.       “THE COMPANY” states that it uses certain technologies such as cookies in order to gather  website visitors / website users’ identification data .Cookies are small files stored in the website visitors / website user’s hard disk without however receiving information of any document or file from his computer.  The identification of each USER’S personal identity is not possible with the use of cookies. In any case with the proper adjustment on behalf of each USER, the latter can reject the use of cookies.  This rejection may imply the unavailability of certain functions.

The basic cookies categories are the following:

·        Cookies, which collect information regarding the USERS’ session management.

·        Cookies, which collect information regarding the way the present webpage is used by the VISITORS/USERS and allow us to perceive how thepublic uses our website and thus help us improve its structure and content. 


1.       The below mentioned sales terms govern the product sales via “THE COMPANY”’s e-shop     simultaneously and in parallel with all the terms of use of the present webpage. The USER acknowledges that prior to the product purchase he has read and accepts the terms of use as well as the terms of sales.

2.       Product purchase via  “THE COMPANY”’s e-shop is strictly limited to persons who have the legal right to do so according to the legislation and is subject to the USER’s unreserved acceptance of the terms of sales and of the terms of use included in this website in general, as they may apply.  

3.       For the purchases via the webpage a registration of the USER is required (according to the instructions given by the webpage) as well as a statement of his personal data, as already described above in the general terms under A.  

4.       For orders of exceptionally high value “THE COMPANY” maintains the right to contact the USER in any convenient way to confirm his identity prior to shipping his order.

5.       Before completing the order, the USER may cancel or alter the product or the chosen quantity or confirm the order and proceed to the shipment and billing information. A thorough check of the data is recommended before sending the order.

6.       “THE COMPANY” sets out each product and its main features in the respective webpage.  Despite the fact that “THE COMPANY” uses its best endeavors, due to the internet browser or the computer screen,  the products offered for sale on “THE COMPANY”’ webpage may not fully correspond to the actual  products in terms of image and colors. “THE COMPANY” is not liable for such disparities. The images and colors are for representation purposes only. The package may be different from that shown in the photo. The weight, dimensions and capacities, if given, are approximate. For any further questions the USER may contact our sales department (9:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday) at  the address Rom. Melodou 15, fax number 0030210 to 2813721 (phone number from 0030210-2813710 ) or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

7.       To purchase the desired products via the e-shop of “THE COMPANY”, the USER shall follow the necessary steps, as they appear in this webpage.  In particular, the USER shall select for the “SHOPPING BASKET” the desired products a as well as the place of delivery and shall  send the order by following the relevant icons filling in the necessary spaces in the website, provided he has chosen a method of payment.  By choosing the icon “Please read and accept the terms of use” the USER  acknowledges that he has been informed and accepts  all the terms of use of the webpage and in particular the product price and the delivery and shipment terms. 

8.       Following the above, the USER shall be informed by “THE COMPANY”, as soon as possible via e-mail, to confirm that the order has been received and completed.  This  e-mail  means that the USER’s order has been accepted and that “THE COMPANY” has charged his credit or debit card after having checked its data (in case payment is made using these ways)

9.       “THE COMPANY” also reserves the right not to accept an order in certain cases, indicatively in case the product is not available, or fails to meet the quality control standards and is withdrawn etc. In any case “THE COMPANY” states that it can sale products set out in its webpage within the limits of availability and that the USER shall be informed thereof. 


                                 i.            “THE COMPANY” states that the product cost  is subject to change and therefore the prices of the products set out in the present webpage may also change.

“THE COMPANY” states that it has reasonably provided for the correct appearance of the all the contents of the webpage and therefore the prices shown are correct at the time of publishing and all products are correctly described

«THE COMPANY” shall use its best endeavors to provide a correct presentation of the products buy with prejudice to p.e operational failure or type error that may result to an incorrect price included in the product display. 

                                ii.            “THE COMPANY” states that the orders shall be accepted only as long as there are no material errors in the product description or process as they are set out in this webpage.

For purchase safety and efficiency, in case he finds a product offered at an unusually low or high price compared to its market value, the USER is recommended to contact the Sales department (phone number 0030102820067) or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax to 00302102834251, before placing the order

11.    PAYMENT

Payments for the product purchases are made via Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, cash on delivery and bank deposit.

                     I.            Payment shall be charged and received  from the USER’s account once “THE COMPANY”   receives the order and checks its data.

The USER who selects payment via card (credit card or debit card) accepts that he is subject to validation and authorization checks by the institution that issued the card. If the institution that issued the USER’s card refuses to give “THE COMPANY” authorization for payment, the latter shall not be liable for any delay or non-delivery of the ordered products. Furthermore “THE COMPANY” shall reasonably endeavor to make the webpage as secure as possible. All credit card transactions on this webpage are processed using ALPHA BANK payment technology, which encrypts data card information in a secure server.

Moreover, “THE COMPANY” shall endeavor, to the extent possible, to maintain the order and payment data confidential,

                    II.            As far as payment upon receipt of the order by the USER on site (cash on delivery), he shall pay the employee of the courier company which cooperates with “THE COMPANY”, upon the order delivery on site.  The ordered products shall be delivered to the USER after he pays the order price and any shipment costs to the employee of the courier company which cooperates with “THE COMPANY”. User shall have clearly and in detail be informed of the order price and any shipment costs before choosing the icon «Confirm order».

                  III.            In the event that the USER decides to pay the order at the account number ALPHA BANK  217 00 232 000 2221 ΙΒΑΝ GR 090 140 2170 217002320002221, he shall  send a copy of the bank payment order via fax at 0030210-2834251 or via e mail  στο This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

                  IV.            In any case, USER’s order confirmation shall be sent via e-mail upon confirmation by “THE COMPANY” of the relative deposit. 


                     I.            “THE COMPANY” shall deliver the products to the address given by the USER, within four working days of the order completion (sending confirmation e-mail), according to the above.

                    II.            The USER shall have been informed clearly and in detail of any delivery costs before ordering and choosing the icon «Confirm order».

                  III.            «THE COMPANY” states that it assumes the shipment costs for purchases above 15 euros.  In case the USER wishes to be sent the products within a shorter period of time he shall be charged extra and he shall have, prior to placing his order , the choice to mention his wish to «Notes and special requests»

“THE COMPANY” shall inform via e-mail for any delays in the USER’s order and shall have the the possibility of a partial shipment, if possible.

                  IV.            “THE COMPANY” shall not be liable for packages lost because they were sent to an incorrect or incomplete address by no fault of its own.

The  USER can opt for  the delivery of the product/s he has purchased a courier company of his choice, in which case is self evident that “THE COMPANY”   is not liable in any way as p.e for the prompt and due delivery of the product. 


                     I.            In case “THE COMPANY”  is liable for any defect or lack of guaranteed properties of any product the USER has the right of replacement, product correction, refund of price reduction, as provided by the rules for replacement, withdrawal or price reduction in case of a defective product according to the articles  540 C.C. et seq.

                    II.            In addition, in case of products with a long life such as hair dryers or hair straighteners “THE COMPANY”   shall replace them within the country, if any problem in their operation occurs for a time period of 12 months post purchase by the USER and provided that the problem is not due to a misuse of the appliance by the USER, according to the prescriptions of the Law..

                  III.            In case of the products of the previous paragraph (long life products) the USER can be informed via hyperlink of the instructions of use, any dangers during the use etc. The USER can save or print all the terms of use, as mentioned above and therefore the present terms concerning guarantees as well .

14.    “THE COMPANY” informs the USER, that it keeps an electronic file for deliveries, which he can access via the icon «My account». 



The USER, always according to the relevant prescriptions of the law the right to return the product/s he has purchased according to the below mentioned procedure and provided he returns the sales document he has received from “THE COMPANY”  .

1.       The USER has the right to withdraw from the purchase without giving any reason within 14 calendar days from the day he or a third person appointed by him gains physical possession of the product.

2.       The USER may withdraw as above provided he informs “THE COMPANY” within the above deadline whether using the model withdrawal form, (Download form),which he shall fill in and send to “THE COMPANY” ‘s e-mail address  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,  or  proceeding to any other form of explicit declaration of his will to withdraw from the purchase and always returning the product to “THE COMPANY”  . In particular, in case of sending the withdrawal form by internet the USER shall receive a withdrawal confirmation receipt within 2 working days.

3.       The USER shall return the goods without undue delay and in any event within 14 calendar days from the day he announced to “THE COMPANY” according to the above, his decision to withdraw from the contract. The above deadline stands if the USER sends back the goods before the deadline of 14 calendar days expires. Products should not be unsealed, used, worn, altered or damaged. All products sold by “THE COMPANY” are accompanied by an identification disposable tag. The USER processes the products purchased without removing the tag or otherwise tamper with the packaging, or else the products are deemed not to be in the same condition as delivered and are not accepted. It is explicitly agreed that no USER has the right to withdraw from a contract for reasons of hygiene in case he has purchased products for personal care and hygiene such as scissors, cutters, tweezers, nail files, brushes, hair brushes, the use of which is not discernable. Products shall, in any case be returned full and unused, in their original package. If the returned product packages are damaged, the return may be declined. The USER is liable only for any decrease in the goods’ value which occurs from handling incompatible with the nature, features and function of the goods.

4.       “THE COMPANY” shall refund any amount received by the USER, without undue delay and in any case within 14 calendar days from the day it was informed of the USER’s decision to withdraw from the contract. Notwithstanding the above “THE COMPANY" is not required to refund  additional costs paid by the USERS  p.e. in case he chose a faster  way of delivery with  an additional  cost exceeding  the normal delivery cost .The money refund on behalf of “THE COMPANY” shall take place by the same means used by the USER for the initial transaction. Especially in case the USER had selected as means of payment cash on delivery, the money refund shall take place with a deposit to a bank account suggested by the USER after communicating with “THE COMPANY”.“THE COMPANY” may withhold the refund until it receives the goods or until the consumer provides evidence that he sent back the goods, whichever occurs first, unless he chooses to return the products via the courier company which cooperates with “THE COMPANY”.

5.        All shipment costs for the products returned after withdrawal due to regret shall be at the expense of the USER, whether the USER uses a  courier company cooperating with the “THE COMPANY”  or a courier company of his choice.

It is explicitly agreed that the USER maintains in any case the right of replacement, correction of the product or refund, or price reduction as provided by the rules for replacement, withdrawal or price reduction in case of a defective product  according to the relevant provisions of articles 540 C.C et seq as described above under  C1.13 entitled  «Guarantees » described. In any of the above cases in the present term under C.2ΙΙ  if required, shipment costs for products returned shall be at the expense of “THE COMPANY”.


The present terms of use are governed by the relative provisions of national law, European community law and those of the relative international conventions.

Any term is rendered contradictory to the applicable legislation automatically ceases to have effect   without affecting the validity of the remaining provisions which remain effective.   

Any amendment of the present terms shall only be in writing and shall only be proved in writing. “THE COMPANY” maintains the right to alter the terms and conditions at its discretion, so the USER is recommended each time to refer to these terms. It is explicitly agreed that any dispute that may arise from the application of all the present terms of use shall be governed by Greek law and be subject to, provided that it is not amicably resolved, the jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.